The only constant in life is CHANGE.

It has been a while. Time has passed, memories were created, and friendships were formed while others were broken, pain was felt, hope was held unto, beliefs were tested, risks were taken, experiments were carried out, tests were conducted, opportunities were both lost and utilized, and love was found. Continue reading


Above & BeyondThere are instances when we decide to base our decisions on assumptions and not facts. There are also, instances when we put together facts to create assumptions which we ultimately decide that since its gotten from facts, then it is indeed a reflection of reality or at least an explanation of it. We can also argue that sometimes, solutions to problems could be gotten by making informed assumptions and taking decisions based on these. But back to the reality that is life and what is of most importance- relationships- assumptions could be deadly. Continue reading


The world no doubt has lost its morality. The things that are simple and easy have now become complicated and hard. Values, respect and morality have become a thing of the past. What was once viewed, acknowledged and believed to be right has been thrown away. The strength and guts to tell things as they are has vanished and no one seems to be able to stand by what is right. Friends are now afraid to tell you things as they are. They are scared to tell you the truth about yourself, the world around you, and what they truly feel. Sound unbiased advice is hard to come by. Everyone seems to be comfortable with the position things are because they are afraid that when they actually say what needs to be said, they risk losing that comfort. But what comfort is greater than living with a clear conscience? What comfort is there in knowing you haven’t done what is right?
Everything that happens in the world has a direct or indirect effect on every individual. A decision taken miles away can affect an individual who has no knowledge of such decision. Action taken years back can have a lasting effect on generations to come. Have we as humans performed the duty of preserving humanity? Have we taken decisions and actions that were designed to protect our sanity? Have we preserved what is important? The answer to these questions clearly point to the negative. We have not.
Who is to blame for the decay in morality? Who is to blame for the situation we find ourselves in? All around the world, there is chaos, injustice, corruption, suffering and war. Are these our fate? Was man created to inherit all these? Clearly not but they are now the norms everywhere. So who is to blame?
“Evil only prevails when good men stand back and do nothing”. I know that the fight against evil is not a simple one but the truth is in the presence of light, darkness disappears into the shadows. It hides behind the image the light falls upon. That said, the fault is entirely ours. Yes, ours. Each and every individual in the world is responsible for the way things are. Each of us share the blame in actions we took, in actions we didn’t, in words we said, in words we didn’t, in decisions we made, in decisions we didn’t make. We all are responsible for the way things have turned out to be.
We constantly talk about forgetting the past for it is gone and focus on the future that is to come, a future we have no idea how it will be. But how can we focus on the future forgetting the past? The past is gone, yes, but the actions and decisions of it are there to make us learn, to make us know the ways in which things should be done and ways in which they shouldn’t. Forgetting the past entails leaving behind valuable lessons, assets, and a great deal of knowledge. The past is as important as the future we look forward to. If we forget the lessons and teachings of history (the past), how are we to change things for the better? How are we to correct our wrongs? How are we to ensure that others don’t fall into the same mistakes that we had fallen into? We are thus left with repeating the same mistakes over and over again until it eventually becomes a habit. Do we wish to be excellent in chaos, injustice, and corruption? Or do we wish to be excellent in peace, justice, fairness, and love?
The simple and good things in life have always and will always be free- Kindness, love, respect, morals, happiness, joy etc. Why not protect and invite these unto ourselves to salvage what is left of our humanity? Why not protect the innocence of young minds from the evils that is within us? Why not make the world a better place?
I plead with the world, let us work towards making this place the heaven that it was created to be. Stop the violence, stop the injustice, stop the stigmatization and stop the lies.
Let’s start by becoming who we were created to be- Creatures of love. Let’s start by guiding our actions, by loving and becoming fair to ourselves. There is always a chance to chase the darkness and it’s by becoming the light.

(c) Dhulhulaifa


In this journey of ours, we meet and we sometimes also leave. Friends become strangers and strangers become friends. In the middle of it all, sometimes time takes charge and sometimes trusts are betrayed.

But before anything else, we were told and taught of a power beyond our comprehension, a gateway to everything beautiful, a source to everything we desire and a mercy beyond doubt and immeasurable. We were taught that forgiveness is a gift only a relative few are blessed with. It’s the highest thing to seek and the easiest to get (from the Almighty) but the hardest to give (we humans).

What we give, we get back in return. What effort we put in, we get results equivalent. What we sow, we reap. Karma it is generally called.

Wisdom dictates that to get forgiveness, we have to ask for it while mustering the strength to give it also. There may be instances where this would seem not achievable because of the immensity of the offense but the choice has always been left to us.

As said by Roselyn Payne, “to forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you”. So,

  • For the frowns and aches I caused, forgive me.
  • For the moments I made you feel sad, forgive me.
  • For every regret caused by my actions, forgive me.
  • For the quiet times I didn’t keep in touch, forgive me.
  • For the times I wasn’t there when needed, forgive me.
  • To anyone who ever made me regret, I forgive you.
  • To anyone who has ever made me sad, I forgive you.
  • To anyone who has ever tested my patience, I forgive you.
  • To anyone deserving of my forgiveness, it has been granted.

Oh Allah! Forgive our shortcomings and grant us your mercy. Make us amongst those who will benefit from your abundance here and in the hereafter. Ameen.


What makes a man keep going? Is it hope, faith, greed, love? Or is it the knowledge that someday he will be no more and thus need to create a legacy? Of what purpose does a man do what he does? What fun does he derive from the things he does? What is the feeling or emotion that he keeps searching for? When does he know he has arrived or found what he is searching for? What are the answers that he is seeking? Is he asking the right questions? Is he seeking in the right places? Is what he is searching for right there in front of him but too blind to notice? Why does a man prey on another? Why does he conquer? Why does he find comfort in inflicting pain? Why does he not care?

So many questions are asked and so many answers are needed.

The world is a beautiful place. Life is beautiful. Why can’t it be simple? Why can’t it be glorious? Why can’t it be safe?

We have been given freewill and we have been given options. Why not choose wisely? Why not choose what will be of benefit to all?

The good in us and the evil in us are separated only by how we employ our freewill when taking actions based on options before us. So I ask, why hate when it’s much easier and better to love?