In this journey of ours, we meet and we sometimes also leave. Friends become strangers and strangers become friends. In the middle of it all, sometimes time takes charge and sometimes trusts are betrayed.

But before anything else, we were told and taught of a power beyond our comprehension, a gateway to everything beautiful, a source to everything we desire and a mercy beyond doubt and immeasurable. We were taught that forgiveness is a gift only a relative few are blessed with. It’s the highest thing to seek and the easiest to get (from the Almighty) but the hardest to give (we humans).

What we give, we get back in return. What effort we put in, we get results equivalent. What we sow, we reap. Karma it is generally called.

Wisdom dictates that to get forgiveness, we have to ask for it while mustering the strength to give it also. There may be instances where this would seem not achievable because of the immensity of the offense but the choice has always been left to us.

As said by Roselyn Payne, “to forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you”. So,

  • For the frowns and aches I caused, forgive me.
  • For the moments I made you feel sad, forgive me.
  • For every regret caused by my actions, forgive me.
  • For the quiet times I didn’t keep in touch, forgive me.
  • For the times I wasn’t there when needed, forgive me.
  • To anyone who ever made me regret, I forgive you.
  • To anyone who has ever made me sad, I forgive you.
  • To anyone who has ever tested my patience, I forgive you.
  • To anyone deserving of my forgiveness, it has been granted.

Oh Allah! Forgive our shortcomings and grant us your mercy. Make us amongst those who will benefit from your abundance here and in the hereafter. Ameen.

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