1524882_10152163066490818_356396695_nIt is always uplifting and inspiring when you discover that your work is viewed, appreciated and recommended to others. You become overwhelmed with happiness, hope and belief. It is rare to have such and when you are given a chance to experience it, you become aware that what you are doing is right and on course.

The worst feeling anyone could get is the feeling of rejection. There is no esteem and dream killer like rejection. Even relationships are based on the ‘principles’ of acceptance and rejection that’s why when a loved one suddenly rejects us, we become hurt. As for writers or individuals, nothing hurts like having your writing or opinion rejected. It is totally a depression catalyst. As a friend bluntly puts it, “You have to take the risks; the worst answer you can ever get is NO”. I believe he is right because no matter what, we should always be willing to take chances and risks. If we don’t, how are we to learn or grow as individuals and society? How are we to know what and what not to do? But truth is, no one ever hopes or wants to be rejected. It’s just something about humanity. Though the outcome can be predicted, a part of us will always wish it to be in our favor.

So when everything falls into place and in our favor as we hoped, we become truly inspired and motivated to keep doing more, working harder and remaining on the path which we chose. Nothing compares. It can be likened to the feeling one gets when finally home from a journey, or when a teenager finally gets the attention of his/her crush. Nothing compares.

How we move ahead is totally dependent on us. We may put in more effort in correcting our flaws and more effort in trying to address the issues that are not only relevant to us and those around us but also to the greater benefit of humanity.

For me, I hope to keep doing what I know how best to do. Express I as life affect me and what happens in my immediate environment and the world, express my thoughts on matters around me and how I see them affecting society and the goodness of humanity. I may seem too much of an optimist or an idealist who is detached from reality but truth is, reality is what we make of it. We can choose to create it or allow it to slip from our grasp. And to make it for the benefit of all, we must share our stories and build on common goals rather than differences. We are all born unique and with a purpose but our uniqueness become bright and beautiful when applied with others. One is a brother to another. We are just dealt different cards in the same game.

Here goes to those who made this experience possible. Now I understand what it means to be accepted. Now I understand that we were never meant to go it alone. Here goes to our uniqueness.


I came across this in a post titled love from first grade and prison’ . There seems to be truth in the world we live in and innocence too. Why not preserve what is important? It goes:

“Words that are well chosen and sincere, even if they are rare, are a precious gift.”


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