What makes a man keep going? Is it hope, faith, greed, love? Or is it the knowledge that someday he will be no more and thus need to create a legacy? Of what purpose does a man do what he does? What fun does he derive from the things he does? What is the feeling or emotion that he keeps searching for? When does he know he has arrived or found what he is searching for? What are the answers that he is seeking? Is he asking the right questions? Is he seeking in the right places? Is what he is searching for right there in front of him but too blind to notice? Why does a man prey on another? Why does he conquer? Why does he find comfort in inflicting pain? Why does he not care?

So many questions are asked and so many answers are needed.

The world is a beautiful place. Life is beautiful. Why can’t it be simple? Why can’t it be glorious? Why can’t it be safe?

We have been given freewill and we have been given options. Why not choose wisely? Why not choose what will be of benefit to all?

The good in us and the evil in us are separated only by how we employ our freewill when taking actions based on options before us. So I ask, why hate when it’s much easier and better to love?