The only constant in life is CHANGE.

It has been a while. Time has passed, memories were created, and friendships were formed while others were broken, pain was felt, hope was held unto, beliefs were tested, risks were taken, experiments were carried out, tests were conducted, opportunities were both lost and utilized, and love was found.

This should not come to you as a surprise but as a gift. It is said that,”experience is always the best teacher” and that “knowledge is power”. Firstly, it has never been said that the experience must be from one’s own encounters and cards dealt by life. Experience can be attained through what happens around us every day we find ourselves awake and lessons can be learnt even from the movement of a toddler as he/she plays around. For those who truly understand, life is and has always been simple but it all comes down to choices. Knowledge thus is power.

Einstein said,”Insanity is doing the same thing again and again but expecting a different result”. This automatically indicates that change is not only a constant but also a law because as every minute passes, it becomes a past and hence the need to adapt to the present and redefine oneself in every aspect so that one can derive pleasure, experience peace and gain satisfaction.

A thing of worth is priceless. One can never put a tag on it. Things like honesty, loyalty, truth, happiness, peace, satisfaction, love, hope, belief and everything within the definition of morality. Though life is simple, no one said it’s going to be an easy ride. This can be seen in the simple but honest fact that “No man is an island of himself”. Everything is an extension of the other. Differences exist because they are the bedrocks of our unity.

In the process of our journey, life always plays its tricks. But really, what is the essence of falling down if it wasn’t to teach us how to get back up? So as we meet on our way, we experience and also create memories with the reality that no matter how good the moment feels we are not bound to repeat it but to be prepared for what is going to happen next. It could be as expected or even better and it could become a disappointment. “Disappointments are blessings in disguise” and so life must go on.

Excuse my silence, excuse my shortcomings, excuse my mistakes, forget my wrongs, accept my forgiveness and forgive the pain which I may have caused knowingly or unknowingly. I am redefined. I am moving on. No matter what has happened and whatever happens, all that really matters is not to be a stranger. It’s always a two way street.

Those who the heart loves, it never forgets.


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