The Positive Nigerian.


It´s fascinating how in the quest for answers, which is one amongst the list of many important things that make up the collection “life”, one finds himself with other questions. This is a trick of life that we have come to know. Humanity knows that knowledge along with other simple things as peace, love and belief, is something that makes life easy and worthwhile, the thing of beauty and intrigue that it is. “The mere fact that man continually and diligently seeks more knowledge and pursues further research is a confession that there is so much we yet need to learn”.

In the bid to learn, challenges always come up and obstacles are encountered in one way or another. Learning is never easy but it is never impossible as long as the right amount of time, energy, and determination is put into it. To a few, it may appear as a task but truth is, with every single day, we are all learning in one way or another, about the journey of life. Anything is within reach and has an element of possibility. All it entails is the right mindset.

“The mind is the hallmark of a human being. It is the instrument by which we know good and evil and can explore God´s creation and nature within or around us”.

This is where all the difference is made and also where differences arise. As a hallmark of each being, it is an instrument of will. Each individual is entitled to desires and needs and so there are a lot of differences as well as similarities. Some of which are good or bad, positive or negative.

Also, as an instrument of will, it thus, can be trained. It can be harnessed to dictate actions that are for the benefit not only of us but for the entirety of all. Simple, positive and good acts go a long way. They are what keeps humanity functioning and the pillars on which we can create the desired change when everything is falling apart.

In Nigeria, a lot is happening and at the same time. The politics and chaos that comes naturally with it, the fears and tension that is always around the masses and the aspirations and hard work of its people.

As individuals and Nigerians we have a duty to carry out- to ourselves, our environment, our nation and the entire world. We have the power to choose how we wish to be and how our society needs to function. We have the power to create the chances that we need through the creation of lasting bonds by tolerating our differences and embracing our similarities. Being positively active and alive in mind is all it entails.

Over the world, Nigerians are known for a lot of things but no matter the story, we always overcome and stand strong after a struggle. We alone know the extent of our strength, gifts and blessings. We are a nation with differences that are known but with chances that can be seen. “The welfare of every individual is the joint responsibility of the whole community and no one can behave like an isolated island”.

So let’s be positive, be different, be unique and be ourselves. Let us be positive individuals and Nigerians.

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