The faces we meet are nothing but blessings. They are there for a purpose beyond our comprehension. Everyone is there to teach a lesson or tell a story. Everyone is there to teach us something about ourselves and to help us make decisions we alone cannot. Everyone is there to help us bounce back after a fall.

Life has its way of playing tricks on us but with the right answers, we are able to scale its tests and obstacles and these answers are found in the faces we see and meet everyday.

As is said, “no man is an island of himself”, the more reason why we have others around us. So be kind to everyone you meet for we are all fighting a tough battle with different set of cards dealt at different times and stages in our existence.

Be thankful for the faces in your life for they are a gift, a mercy and a treasure from your Creator. Never look down at the next person unless you are trying to pick him up from a fall for they might be the source of your joy someday. We all can learn even from the tiniest of things and find answers in the strangest of places.

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