Reality and Illusions.

Traveling does to your soul the strangest of change

It opens your mind to the reality of things

It gives your eyes a clearer view

It changes the very pattern and nature of your thought

What seems opaque becomes transparent

What seems at a distance becomes a step away

Reality becomes a friend

Truth becomes a weapon

Justice becomes the only choice

A second chance is found in the lives of strangers

A new call is heard in their voices

A new horizon is seen in their struggles

Illusions disappear, as does the mirage on the road

For with each step taken is a distance reduced

And dreams become possible

For you have been altered and renewed

And will forever never be the same

At last, you find peace

And happiness follows you back home.

3 thoughts on “Reality and Illusions.

  1. Itx brilliant, itx completely true, though its short but it carries a lot of weight n completely true. I love it

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